#100HD Day Six – Stones

Katie. Dear Katie and her magic stones ☺

They Will Climb The Walls

It’s the wee hours of the morning, and I’m sipping a soda to try and get rid of a headache while sifting through some of my stones/minerals. The inspiration came from Julia Manuel‘s post here. Thank you for giving me something to me happy about today :3


Above (left to right): Large stones! Pink Quartz, Malachite, and Tiger’s Eye.


Above (left to right): Moonstone, loose Tiger’s Eye pieces, and Black Moonstone.


Above: Tumbled Amethyst found and tumbled by my great uncle and gifted to me.


Above (left to right): Crystal Quartz, Rainbow Fluorite, and Green Fluorite.


Above (left to right): Lepidolite, Ruby Zoisite (that is actual ruby in there!), and a smaller piece of Malachite.


Above: A large chunk of Hematite. They usually make wearable rings out of this.


Above (left to right): Bloodstone and Unakite pieces.

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