Japanese Maple

My favourite tree.

Shinto Shrine, Matsue, Shimane Prefecture, November 2007, Canon




Japanese Garden, Matsue, Shimane Prefecture, November 2007


12 thoughts on “Japanese Maple

  1. Sean says:

    Wow, what beautiful colour!

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  2. milliethom says:

    Amazingly beautiful colours.

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  3. ady says:

    Such brilliant colors !! Feels like valentine’s day 🙂 Loved the 3rd picture ..

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  4. This is very beautiful!!! 🙂 I’m also a fan of Maple. 😉

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  5. grannyK says:

    The Japanese Garden is beautiful! So peaceful and inviting. It must take a lot of work to keep it like that.

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    • Julia Manuel says:

      I would think lol…it was a fascinating place to visit…you can’t walk in that area of the garden…but there’s an indoor viewing centre with leather benches to just sit & ponder & meditate. Floored me. So amazing!


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