With Julia in My Heart .

May I introduce you to Nicole Bond Winters, my twin soul if you will, and my new photography Mentor 💜 We are going to blog about the process of this Mentorship here on WordPress including the impact it has on one’s mental health, creative expression and nurturing that is.

Recently diagnosed with Bipolar II Disorder I’m presently on short-term Disability. There could not be a better way to aid in my recovery than to have this very talented, compassionate and loving woman take me under her gentle wing and show me how to fly…again.

The photos express the Nikon D90 she lovingly sent me in the mail today…her partner in love and crime, Nate Gates, is shown tending to it’s health.

I’m overwhelmed by their love.

Made In Vane

Dear Julia – Today I’m sending you A tool , something new for you to create with .

It’s full of golden love . I was going to post what this blog ” should be”- Instead I am going to give it a life of its own , let it grow and unfold, the way we have and will .


With light and wellness in mind.

This Cheeseburger has nothing to do with anything . It was just very very yummy & it happened today.
Be light.


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