Awake and Counting, 3:48am

3:48am…we’re up my daughter and I. Severe tooth pain awakened her from peacefulness at 10:30…4 applications of Orajel and 4 failed attempts to return to dreams later, we gave up. So we’re watching ET. I’m also reading blogs and writing to you wherever you are…where are you? What do you usually do at 4am?

3:54am she wants to draw and dress up. Sigh…glad I caved and made a fresh bodum of joe. She’s no interest in settling down…when she does her tooth hurts again. Sigh…am I crazy or is there a suspicious connection here…

3:57 she’s having dental surgery Tuesday next to remove teeth, fill cavities and gain metal crowns to protect babies until her adult dents come in. So extensive she’ll be put under into dreamless sleep. I hate feeling helpless…no way to cure her pain presently, not fussy about this side of parenting AT. ALL. Sucks. Apparently tooth decay and status of your teeth whether strong or weak have an overbite or under etc is hereditary. I had at least 8 mercury fillings between ages 5-8 (Lily’s 5). Sucks to be her.

4:05 Caved again I let her draw instead of lying on couch. Man. When is she going to crash?! She will you know. Big time. I feel blurry. A week today and this will all be over, her pain at an end, I can’t wait. Helpless sucks.

Maybe I’ll put up more Xmas lights to breathe cheer 🙂





Peace, love & light,


19 thoughts on “Awake and Counting, 3:48am

  1. Love to all those wonderful smiles on your daughter and you! 🙂 These photos are absolutely beautiful!!! 😉 Sorry to hear your little angel was having sever tooth pain and hope the pain is gone soon! Happy Thanksgiving and best wishes to your little angel and you sweetie! ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. dorne whale says:

    Poor little thing and poor you. Mothering is tough sometimes, isn’t it? You want to take their pain away, but you can’t…it’s had to watch.
    I too had to have a lot of my milk teeth pulled when I was young and I have a mouth full of metal. But, no falsies yet!
    I hope that the toothache goes soon and that you both get some sleep. x

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  3. grannyK says:

    I read your posts in the wrong order. I thought you had the toothache! No matter who has it, they hurt so bad! I hope all goes well and the mouth troubles end soon.

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  4. Garfield Hug says:

    Hello! Hope your daughter’s bad tooth has been fixed! Lovely photos of your family 😀

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  5. milliethom says:

    Hang on in there, Julia.These thing are sent to try all mums! (After six, I should know!) Just keep thinking about next week and look after yourselves as best you can. But keeping your eyes open for 4am blogging might become difficult after a night or two without sleep. Lovely photos of a happy mother and child.You really are a colourful pair!

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  6. You and your daughter are gorgeous!

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