Good morning

I’m experimenting with watermarks (signatures) on my photos and would appreciate your input deciding which one looks best. Finally found an editing app, Pixlr for Android from Google Play, that allows me to do so without it being HUGE. Still uncertain whether I’ll use one or not.

Do you like the font? And do you even like watermarks?

I’m partial to “jmm” which stands for Julia Melinda Manuel. Not fussy to use my whole name because it feels too obtrusive. I want the subject to shine not my name. Yet I feel a copyright somewhere is necessary. Maybe I just state it somewhere on my blog?

Another series of sunrises #viewfromthe23rdfloor over Lake Ontario.





Peace & gratitude,


27 thoughts on “Watermarks

  1. Asariels Muse says:

    I’m experimenting with a digital watermark that is invisible but allows me to track my photos online by a hidden digital code imbedded in them. I’ve also experimented with the type of watermarking you are using. I may end up using both. I like the third one best on yours.

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  2. Ther’s a text widget on WordPress – you can (and should, in my humble opinion) put a copyright on your blog. Watermarks are good, but I suspect there are ways and means of getting rid of them for really determined people. Your last picture has the best one, because your state that it is a copyright.

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  3. Glad you found the app to help you with watermarks! 🙂 Those photos are stunning! Wish I could see those sunsets everyday!!! 😉

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  4. I like the one you do. You have to like it as it is a reflection of your work.

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  5. corker2211 says:

    The watermark that you decide to have on your Images, can be your own choice. Personally, I like the middle one. I use a number of different ones on my Images. You can get watermarks made especially for you, but most of them you have to pay for. Not me. Just use what you like. No one can copy your Image without your name being there.

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    • Julia Manuel says:

      Many thanks Les, I appreciate your feedback. I’ve decided to copyright my blog instead…I just find this particular type is still too large and distracting…it’s a little embarrassing…feel like I’m shouting “Look at me! Look at me!” which is not who I am ☺

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  6. DotedOn says:

    Those sunrises are amazing!! (And no idea how to copyright anything 🙂 ).

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