First Lesson

Yay! Just had my first online session with mentor Nicole Bond Winters ( via Google Hangout (she lives in Newfoundland and I in Ontario) regarding my new acquisition, the Nikon D90. Thank god for modern technology! I learn best by doing as does she, so much more helpful to learn/be taught “in person”.

She’s a wonderful good teacher lol. Her authentic nature is buoyantly optimistic, patient, kind, compassionate, loving & supportive…which I very much need in terms of a teacher. I’ve never been one for the hard knocks school of thought. Who can learn well that way??

We went through the Nikon’s settings for aperture and ISO learning what they mean lol as well as the lens’ capability and best performance attribute. The 85mm is known as “the beauty lens” best used for portraits giving sublime depth of field. If Auto Focus is having difficulty focusing “just take a few steps back or forward”. Keep lens on Auto Focus until I have more practice and 1.8 F-stop most optimal setting. See? I’m learning! Woohoo! Couldn’t be happier.

I feel so much more confident now going into this Xmas season understanding more of the Nikon’s capabilities with this lens, as we will begin our lessons in earnest come the new year… in only an hour long session that brought us much joy & laughter, mostly at ourselves lol. We will blog about this mentorship especially as it pertains to the impact on my mental health. Many of you know I was diagnosed earlier this year with Bipolar II Disorder and BPD – Borderline Personality Disorder and am on short-term Disability. Thus far photography, blogging and this process with Nicole has had a tremendously positive impact. I feel my recovery moving forward every day. T’ank da geezus!


Her parting words to me,

“I want you to understand something. The most important thing.

Its only good if you think its good!

Your face!!!!!!!!”

Hahaha god love her. Knows I does.

A few random shots playing with depth of field…☺






















Thank you for being here.




6 thoughts on “First Lesson

  1. Eva Jane says:

    Blessings to two beautiful wimmen 😀

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  2. Glad you found a good teacher and you are recovering well! 🙂 All the best to you honey! Can’t wait to see more photos from you honey!!! ❤

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