Nick Drake

I introduce one of my favorite musicians…the following article is an excellent read. I didn’t know his death was due to an overdose of anti-depressants at the tender age of 26…in some way maybe my kinship to his soul as expressed through his music makes a little more sense to me now. Thank you to momentarylapseofsanity for sharing this article initially.

“In the last two decades, musician Nick Drake went from relative obscurity to posthumous fame, his beautiful, melancholic music touching the lives of people throughout the world. Forty years ago, he died from an overdose of antidepressants at age 26. Today he’s often remembered as a “solitary, misunderstood lonely poet.””

Nick Drake – Time Has Told Me (Audio):



4 thoughts on “Nick Drake

  1. sheldonk2014 says:

    It’s sad yet a reality the cries and whispers of the creative mind. No can see these. Yet they do exists. We have been touched by the many. I’m glad to hear of him sounds like a Donavan almost. Great post

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    • Julia Manuel says:

      I’m pleased you’re pleased to find him. In my own struggles with mental health (I have Bipolar 2 Disorder) I’m learning there are more people who struggle than not and soooo many of us artists. I believe this is why we HAVE to be creative to express in music, paint, bronze, photography, dance you name it, what we often can’t with words. Thank god for art. Impression without Expression leads to Depression…

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  2. sheldonk2014 says:

    Impression without expression leads to depression great line Julia

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