A Flower Just Blooms

Another great post and gentle reminder…💜

A Momma's View

A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms… – Zen Shin


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10 thoughts on “A Flower Just Blooms

  1. sheldonk2014 says:

    Bloom just a great thought. It’s a reminder that one’s life is an extension of one’s self and not a comparison there of

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  2. @St-Manuel says:

    Bloom away my love.

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  3. marilynmunrow says:

    Love it, thank you.

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  4. corker2211 says:

    Very Nice, Julia. However, don’t forget to Watermark your Images. People out there just may copy it and say it’s there Image. People that do that make me crankey!

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  5. Nice sentiment. I shall keep that in mind.

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