Shepherd & the Angel


A really unique experience at the Christmas Eve service we attended at Bala United Church…Mum, my husband Steven, Lily & I. Halfway through the service Rev. Sue asked the congregation to look under our benches…if we find a bag we’re to put on the costumes hidden neatly inside so as to play the various roles in the Nativity narrated eloquently by my Mum & the Rev. As fate would have it Lily found herself an Angel and I a Shepherd. As our roles appeared in the story we found our way to the front of the wee, cosy Church…my daughter obviously gravitating to my lap ☺ kind laughter ensued.

The service culminated in the passing of fire lit from the Advent candles to each member where we in a quiet moment together shared the love of the season…for me a beautiful tradition to be part of with my family.

Today I find myself feeling a low mood…disconnected. Weather has been grey for over a week…and I suppose I’m a bit worn out from Xmas prep. I haven’t felt motivated to shoot and this bothers me. I just feel “off” and my posts here few which I also find strange. I miss my regular engagement here on WP. I know it will pass but for the moment I even feel down about feeling down especially as we’re meant to celebrate being together, the gaiety of the season. Nuts. I’ve felt so good of late, so light of spirit…I guess I wish I felt better.


17 thoughts on “Shepherd & the Angel

  1. Heather says:

    And this too shall pass 🙂
    Love your pics. Shoot when the feeling returns, no one expects anything from you. It’s okay to not feel ‘okay’.
    Hugs to you from the west coast

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  2. Les says:

    Nice photo of you and Lily. As for the “feeling down” that is a normal thing for most people, as long as it does not last for long periods of time. I even get the same way, once in awhile. During the Winter over here, is when I have the most trouble. Too darn cold and I’m not much of a cold weather person. Don’t care for Winter at all, but I put up with it. Would rather be where it’s warm all the time. Guess that I’m getting older. It will pass.

    It will pass.

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  3. prionsias says:

    I am feeling exactly the same way Julia…the Post Christmas crash! And yea, it has been grey and crappy weather wise, I defy anyone to live in greyness for over a week and not feel it! The sun is supposed to be out this aft…I am going to force myself to pick up the camera and go outside….hopefully it will be a productive shoot which will end up in a blog post later…shall we have a contest 😉

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  4. DotedOn says:

    I hope you feel better soon 🙂
    (and a lot of sunshine!)

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  5. kiwiskan says:

    There is often a period of ‘let-down’ after Christmas – you don’t have that on your own. There is a certain sadness about Christmas as well sometimes as old memories surface. It always passes…

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  6. smilecalm says:

    rest gently, jules!
    heart will beat, effortlessly
    breath will calm, patiently
    rested body will bring peace
    and rejuvenation 🙂

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  7. sheldonk2014 says:

    Being creative as we are, it takes time to cook the next big goose as it were. There are those moods that you can not grasp that goose, just be patient. There’s been a lot of outside stimulation to take you down a road that you don’t normally go down. Many blessings.
    Ps I not good being patient with my moods either

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    • Julia Manuel says:

      I guess it’s just that I’ve been on such a wonderful incline in my mood since before starting my blog it’s disappointing to then rock backwards. My shrink tells me that with Bipolar II even with medication I will still experience lows by time. Patience is a virtue I find difficult to practice in regards to my mental health at least presently. Especially as I’ve been doing so well.


    • Julia Manuel says:

      I’m doing my best to look forward to the new year, taking these days to relax and be gentle with myself, read & chill with my family.


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