Feel the Cold

Feel the cold blow through you
Let it burn, restore, ignite
Passions long since forgotten
Only you hold the truth of it
Release, revive, let go
Behold, embrace this new day
And feel




Samsung GalaxyS3 edited with Pixlr
February 2nd, 2015

Peace, love & light,

11 thoughts on “Feel the Cold

  1. Asariels Muse says:

    Love the textures.

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  2. sheldonk2014 says:

    Love the poem, I see a future, in my crystal ball, a page of words that speak and say all the words that were put away
    Today is not mine, I am trying but it’s still out of reach
    As always Sheldon

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  3. M.A. says:

    I hadn’t thought of it, but the cold does make you feel, doesn’t it? Makes me aware of my fingers and toes, of my ears as the wind whips around them. In the cold, suddenly I’m awake to that sensory organ which is my flesh. Sometimes being made to feel isn’t pleasant, but so it goes.

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    • Julia Manuel says:

      Yes it does…and it certainly keeps you moving lol. Feeling…no not always pleasant but thank god we do if we allow ourselves…I’ve always felt too much can be difficult by times


  4. Beautiful colors and textures! They all looked like paintings to me 😉

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  5. @St-Manuel says:

    Beautiful words…and true. The images are beautiful as well.

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