Stats Laugh

I was all excited to express my joy and gratitude about reaching 1,600 subscribers and over 7,000 views when I look back on my site et voila! 1,598 – I LOST two. Bwahahahahahaha I’m laughing at myself LOL


13 thoughts on “Stats Laugh

  1. Asariels Muse says:

    Awwww, darn… hey wait, some of us are sooo terrific we should count as two or maybe even three… right?

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  2. thejoshuagenerationministries says:

    Lol…you’re awesome!

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  3. i8there4irun says:

    Looks like you are back up to 1602.

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  4. sheldonk2014 says:

    Welcome to the world of ,” I can’t believe I ate the whole thing”

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  5. Tooty Nolan says:

    When I lose a reader I always think ‘What am I doing wrong? Am I becoming boring?’ Losing a reader is almost as bad as losing a tooth! Or am I being a drama queen?

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