Tuesday Shine ~ First Installment!

As part of a new weekly feature of guest posts, I have the utmost honour and pleasure to introduce to you phenomenal artist and human being  Sheldon Kleeman. In the brief time I’ve been blogging on WordPress he’s quickly become a pillar of support and friendship in my community here. I adore his artwork, his writing…fearless, always honest, thought provoking and engaging, I truly can’t say enough about him. May you also find his heart which beats steadfast and true. I give you, Sheldon Kleeman.


Blood in the Vines

My name is Sheldon Kleeman (aka The Professional Cannon).  I have been creative all of my life. The two areas I work in now are collage and writing. My collages are what is called photo montage, which means I take a found image and deconstruct it into a picture of my own. I especially love to use faces. My writings are poems, short stories and sayings. They are meant to be provoking and cause you to stop and think. I feel very grateful and blessed to be Julia’s first guest blogger!

A Pocket Full

Sensations anew
Experience does teach
Now that I have grown
I can’t wait
A kid in a candy store
with all the jars filled to the brim
The sparkle of the sugar dancing with the glass
A twinkle in my eye
A pocket full of candy
with a pocket full of life



7 thoughts on “Tuesday Shine ~ First Installment!

  1. sheldonk2014 says:

    Thank you Julia for giving me this opportunity to share with you and others, I never would of thought that blogging would of turned out to be this eye opening experience,you have been so inspiring,and helpful, brought the love out of me, I feel blessed and honored to be your first
    As always Sheldon

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  2. @St-Manuel says:

    Love the collage and words. ‘Reaching out’…and there’s much out there to find.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. sheldonk2014 says:

    I have just dodged a bullet,I went to buy my daughter Valentine cards for school she quickly asked if I brought one kind for both boys and girls, like Scooby doo I said know I brought princesses for the girl’s and the boys comic book characters for the boys, boy I was lucky I thought outside the box on this one,disaster averted

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