Creepy? Or cool.


Monster High "Operetta"


29 thoughts on “Dollz

  1. mojoshawn says:

    I’m going with “creepy/cool”. Is that allowed? 😉

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  2. dorne whale says:

    Bit of both I think.
    I wouldn’t want to have coffee with her.

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  3. sheldonk2014 says:

    It looks like the bride of chucky

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  4. buddy71 says:

    creepy but keep buying them as i have stock in the company. NOT! lol

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  5. M.A. says:

    A mixture of creepiness and yearning, and probably creepiness because of how human-like the yearning appears.

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  6. milliethom says:

    Those over-large eyes are a bit creepy, I think. I can imagine little girls might like her, though.

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  7. @St-Manuel says:

    Big ‘C’ cool…she’s my favourite.

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  8. jvlivs says:

    A little of both. Kinda like Harley Quinn meets Morticia Addams.

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  9. Creepy, totally creepy! Her eyes are so out of proportion and there is no way she could breathe through that teeny tiny nose – GAH!!
    Good photo, you make her look peaceful yet she is clearly plotting mayhem and destruction…

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  10. creepy, but made me laugh 🙂

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