The photographer

In my humble opinion Sheldon has truly “captured” the beingness of photographer and subject. He set the whole scene and I’m there, that’s me.

Sheldon Kleeman

(Everyone around me is taking photos so I decided I was going to write about the process, I kept it as true as I could with as much information as I knew……… )


As I sat and watched

sitting against

the cool large rock

If felt good

as the noon day

sun rose hard

I couldn’t take

my eyes away

it was my last ………

I needed this one

A Jack rabbit stood

next to this old

wooden 5ft. high


Coming from the

ground of lost

I had been walking long

patience was my

only companion

The ground around the cross

was barren, unattended

nothing but good natural lite

There was something to this

nature in front, a rabbit

So curious, standing with

naked the cross

I took a breath

Slowly let it out

there, the rabbit

and the cross

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2 thoughts on “The photographer

  1. sheldonk2014 says:

    You are such ……….. words can not say, it was all because I strive to challenge myself to stretch and grow
    Thank you for your support and encouragement

    Liked by 1 person

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