Julia’s Flower

Dear Ann…your writing is magnificent. I’m so proud of you and honoured that you accepted my challenge to write about how you felt upon viewing my two images here. You inspired me in a way I needed to be in terms of my personal life. Deep gratitude for you. Peace, love & light, julia

Ann's Corner

The two images of a single flower you will find in this post come from Julia Manuel (https://mamamaitri.wordpress.com/). She challenged me to write about them them based on a comment (see below) I made on her post, regarding inspiration, so here goes, This one is for you, Julia!


My original comment: “The difference in the two pics is startling! The bright red one looks so healthy and cheery and the darker colour has it’s own beauty but yes, a sadness about it, a waning or something. You could write something about the opposing themes and how it is in life depending on the lens through which you are looking. They are the same flower in different aspects.”

Julia’s response: “Oh very cool, I like that! See? Now you sound inspired why don’t you write it and I’ll give you the photos for a post”

Elsewhere, in another blog, I…

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3 thoughts on “Julia’s Flower

  1. laitalk says:

    Your photo is great!

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