“Spam! Spam! Spam! Spam!
Lovely spam! Wonderful spam!
Spam spa-a-a-a-a-am spam spa-a-a-a-a-am spam.
Lovely spam! Lovely spam! Lovely spam! Lovely spam!
Spam spam spam spam!”
~ Monty Python

I so wish I was talking about something as wonderfully silly as this song. FOUR spam comments in the past two hours. WTF????
I’ve never had spammers before here on WP. What gives? Have I reached a certain special plateau I wasn’t aware of?
Go away you buggers, piss off! Lol

Do you get a lot of spam as well?

Personally, I prefer Monty Python. Check it for a laugh!


19 thoughts on “Spam

  1. Les says:

    Spam is something that I have never gotten . . . yet. Don’t want it, either!

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  2. smilecalm says:

    spam filter has worked quite well for me, Julia.
    check your settings for comments, under discussion heading.
    best to have “Comment author must have a previously approved comment” checked.

    spam spam spam spam
    i do not like spam
    sam i am 🙂

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  3. I am Sorrow says:

    You are not talking about “Spam” food are you? I hate the stuff! I ‘ a vegetarian!
    Yes spam is indeed an internet corruption!

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  4. milliethom says:

    I’ve never been spammed and don’t want to be, either. Thanks for the Monty Python clip. I haven’t seen it for ages. It always makes me hoot. 🙂

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  5. crazyruthie says:

    I’ve never gotten spam here, but I get a huge amount of spam texts. Sorry to hear it! It’s a royal pain in the ass.

    It galls me to know that some place I do business with, online stores and such, are selling my info to people who spam me.

    BTW, that’s one of my all time favorite comedy sketches! It’ freakin’ awesome!

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  6. sheldonk2014 says:

    In recent months I have gotten a lot, not quite sure why, I’ve been told the more traffic you create the more they find you

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  7. sheldonk2014 says:

    You know there’s another good one ,oh I can’t remember the name of the movie but it’s Jack Nicholson doing the thing about the toast,get scene

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  8. marilynmunrow says:

    Reblogged this on Marilyn Munrow and commented:

    Hate hate hate it.


  9. sheldonk2014 says:

    I don’t if you know this but I never sold anything just yet,I’ve tried,this is a very unique situation,just give me times to think,wazoo you want to buy……..

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    • Julia Manuel says:

      Yes I definitely do…have for awhile now. Just hadn’t asked because we’re not flush at the moment but if I have a figure I can save 😉 maybe to email me is best to further pursue? Much love , j


  10. aladywrites4u says:

    You must have become famous, my spam all get stuck in the block folder

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