I’m what you need

I’m in love with this new blog. Let’s show her sum good old fashioned WordPress blogger love by warmly welcoming her into this new journey of hers! Her passion is palpable. I give you, Ebinotti…


Monday is a great day to start fresh. It’s the beginning of the week no matter what industry you’re in and it has a natural feeling of newness. We should wholly embrace and embody this energy and use it as a sign that it’s time to get the unfulfilling shit out of the way so we can focus and work on what’s actually important to us.

They say the company you keep determines your greatness in the end. So, if by chance you have anyone around you that takes more than they give, in any capacity, today is a great day to cut them off and move on. Without a word, without a confrontation, without mention of it to anyone. Simply, in your mind make the conscious choice to cut your losses, be thankful for the smiles, laughs and good times… and move on.

People may not intend to leave…

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