Bus Driver

bus driver

I am so pleased with myself I’m glowing like an SOB! Lol. I love these photo challenges (5 Day B&W) for they really do challenge you to step outside of your comfort level, as I did today by taking my Nikon outside. I know seems not so extraordinary right? But for me it was the first time to do so here in the city. I’m shy see? It’s easy to use my phone not so conspicuous…but the Nikon? Not so much. Anyway, it was freezing but I did it anyway and I’m so proud of myself!! I got this beautiful shot of my bus driver just cuz I asked him and he kindly obliged 🙂 Isn’t he sweet?

More to come!



29 thoughts on “Bus Driver

  1. Soylani says:

    That’s amazing! A smile that really makes me happy! 🙂 Great shot!

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  2. Joanne says:

    Well done you – what a dazzling smile! 🙂

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  3. jwhalen05 says:

    Perfectly executed!

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  4. blahpolar says:

    Lovely photo and I loved that you asked first (too many people don’t).

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  5. andy1076 says:

    A great genuine smile at that! 😊

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  6. Hey,
    Nice to visit your blog:)
    First times are so special. I can feel your excitement.. Keep this excitement alive:)
    Show him the likes on his picture!:)

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  7. sheldonk2014 says:

    Great work Jules to step outside your comfort zone isn’t easy but once you get the hang of it the world is at your fingertips

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  8. There’s so much depth. I almost feel like I know him!

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  9. lydiaa1614 says:

    Oh, I love this so much! He reminds me of a bus driver I had during my time at culinary school. I would come off a tough day and he would flash a smile like that and say “What did ya cook for me today, Chef!”

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  10. Big thumbs up to you dear! ❤ You handled the challenge very well and now even stepped out of your comfort zone (so happy for you) 🙂 This pic was full of joy and exactly how I liked it. Well done my love! 😉

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  11. Sean Mungin says:

    I’m certain he felt appreciated. Here in NY, they’re not always treated too kindly.

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