Happy May 2-4!

Mmmmmmmarvelous Monday holiday in May…I love this time of year. Not too hot, not too cold, juuuuuust right 😄.
And, it’s lilac season.
And, my birthday’s coming up this Friday.
And Friday is the last day of exams.
Yup, marvelous magnificent mmmmmmMonday in May…


Lilacs I stole from a neighbour lol.


This is how I'm spending this long weekend, studying for finals. Only 3 left!!

May this marvelous day in May be a momentous one.

Peace, love & light,

Where Time Machines Cannot Take Us

I introduce my friend, Kusum Dole, and her new blog. Let’s show her some WordPress love :).

This piece really resonates with me presently.
May it also with you.

Peace, love & light,

Foster Self Awareness

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Where Time Machines Cannot Take Us

Why do we dread starting and ending?

What is between the here and there?

The “in-between” is everywhere: creative or work projects, writing a resume, going out for the evening, quitting smoking…any task whether active or passive.

Each of us reacts to it in our own way: a dead stop, procrastination, hesitation, digging our heels, avoidance or, perhaps, rising to the challenge.

What does in-between feel like?

The in-between is different for each of us who struggles with it: An open field fraught with attacks from the sky. A swamp of sinking despair. An empty eternity. A dense dark forest…suffocating, trapping.

Even though we know that we must go through the in-between, we yearn for that time machine so we don’t have to traverse it. Wanting to be already there.

I used to want this, too. Then I learned…

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Dundas Square, Toronto

dundas sq6

hmmmmm i think i’ll just sit here and paint my nails. great color!

dundas sq dundas sq2 dundas sq3 dundas sq5 dundas sq8 dundas sq9 dundas sq10

Toronto’s mini version of NYC’s Times Square. In the warm weather this place is packed with people.

March 25th, 2015

Nikon D90 35mm


no one’s taking…

dundas sq18

corner of Dundas & Yonge

dundas sq11 dundas sq12 dundas sq13 dundas sq14 dundas sq15 dundas sq17 dundas sq19 dundas sq20 dundas sq21


My little walkabout yesterday morning in my favorite area of the Danforth between Pape & Chester, Toronto’s Greektown(East End). We’re finally into single digit temps above zero! Simply liberating feeling. May you enjoy walkin’ about with me 🙂

Toronto. Nikon D90, 35mm



Alexander the Great

our spot

Our spot…in the summer it’s a central hubub of activity complimented by a wishing fountain…still decorated for Xmas lol


I think someone’s feeding a furry little someone…

alex2 2 flag souvlaki alex3 alex4 wall veg market berries banan apples street