Where Time Machines Cannot Take Us

I introduce my friend, Kusum Dole, and her new blog. Let’s show her some WordPress love :).

This piece really resonates with me presently.
May it also with you.

Peace, love & light,

Foster Self Awareness

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Where Time Machines Cannot Take Us

Why do we dread starting and ending?

What is between the here and there?

The “in-between” is everywhere: creative or work projects, writing a resume, going out for the evening, quitting smoking…any task whether active or passive.

Each of us reacts to it in our own way: a dead stop, procrastination, hesitation, digging our heels, avoidance or, perhaps, rising to the challenge.

What does in-between feel like?

The in-between is different for each of us who struggles with it: An open field fraught with attacks from the sky. A swamp of sinking despair. An empty eternity. A dense dark forest…suffocating, trapping.

Even though we know that we must go through the in-between, we yearn for that time machine so we don’t have to traverse it. Wanting to be already there.

I used to want this, too. Then I learned…

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I’m what you need

I’m in love with this new blog. Let’s show her sum good old fashioned WordPress blogger love by warmly welcoming her into this new journey of hers! Her passion is palpable. I give you, Ebinotti…


Monday is a great day to start fresh. It’s the beginning of the week no matter what industry you’re in and it has a natural feeling of newness. We should wholly embrace and embody this energy and use it as a sign that it’s time to get the unfulfilling shit out of the way so we can focus and work on what’s actually important to us.

They say the company you keep determines your greatness in the end. So, if by chance you have anyone around you that takes more than they give, in any capacity, today is a great day to cut them off and move on. Without a word, without a confrontation, without mention of it to anyone. Simply, in your mind make the conscious choice to cut your losses, be thankful for the smiles, laughs and good times… and move on.

People may not intend to leave…

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Think Positive

I know this? But I’d forgotten. Thank you I Am Sorrow for reminding me of this valuable way of being ☺ Please let’s give a warm WordPress Welcome to a wonderful new blogger whom I know will inspire you on her journey here ☺ Mazeltov!

Journey of Compassion


When you want something very badly, it can lead you to feel fearful that you will never have it.
Those things that mean the most to us sometimes seem unattainable when we’re in a negative state of mind.
Instead of entertaining reasons why you might never have it.  Pretend that you alteady do, and immerse yourself in the experience of how it feels.
You will draw good energy in your life this way through positive thinking.

~I Am Sorrow♌

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Just Hipster Things

WeAreTheRyan is awesome. Please read his blog because he’s…yeah, just so effing awesome. He makes me LAUGH! A fellow chum in the life of Mental Illness. Takin’ back crazy ☺

Dharma and Belligerence: Mad Rants from a Free-Range Buddhist Hooligan

Hipster Peer Pressure

I have been accused of being a “fucking hipster douche bag” on occasion. Usually the petitioner is my girlfriend (this is how I know she loves me). At first, I admit, I was a bit dismayed by the accusations. Even appalled. But, I have since learned to embrace my so-called “hipsterisms” as simply a part of who I am. It just so happens that those parts are also increasingly being embraced by the fucking hipster douche bag community (no offense, brahs). In other words, I was cool before it was Cool, man!

Hipster Jesus

What do I mean when I say hipster? So, so many things… The primary problem in talking about what a hipster “Is” is that “Hipster” is beyond definition, beyond Form. Beyond Plato.

Hipster Plato

To define hipsterdom would be to classify hipsteria and therefore place hipsters into a category. To be categorized is to be mainstream, and…

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