Life’s a Journey

Tis the dawning of a new day… To say I’m thrilled to be working again is an understatement. It’s been 5 years since I was fired from 3 consecutive jobs in Victoria, BC which led me down a path of self-discovery and a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder. A few years went by where I wasn’t […]


I’m blown away, truly humbled by a compliment a blogger friend, Lydia of Being Lydia, paid me today…and I really needed to hear it.

“Julia, your photos always leave me with a desire to know their stories. That is a true gift.”

She really has no idea how this made me feel. Her kindness is such a gift to me.

Good Morning ☺

-15C…-24C with the windchill. Oh how awesome 2C felt yesterday…

I wonder what I’ll do today? Isn’t it lovely not to know?
Like maybe I’ll just watch TV
Or hate upon the dreaded snow
Either way I’m feeling great
For me that’s something to say
I wish you all the very best
The very best of days


Thank You

Just thank you for being so freakin’ awesome. For all your visits, likes, kind & thoughtful comments…I appreciate and am humbled by your good lovin’. You’re becoming like family to me.
So yeah…really, thank you.




Peace, love & light,


I’m humbled and deeply honoured to have gained 400 WordPress followers including over 1,700 subscribers to my blog in the three most excellent months I’ve been blogging – #ohmygodimablogger!

Thank you. I cherish you all. It’s been an astonishingly wonderful ride that keeps getting better, as do I in my recovery living with Bipolar II Disorder. We’re growing together exponentially.

“My heart’s aglow with thoughts of you.” ~ Sarah Harmer, Canadian Musician ☺

Onward –>

Peace, love & light,


Shoot for the moon you may just land among the stars.

One Month


First snow! December 2013

Good morning, afternoon, evening wherever you are ☺

It’s been 31 days since my inaugural post here on WordPress, what a joy and wonder it’s been. I’m deeply grateful for the 4,100 Views from 55 countries, 1,250 Subscribers including the 237 WP Followers…I’m just gobsmacked by the kindness and generosity of spirit I’ve received. I cannot say enough about how awesome it is to be part of this sensational community of artists.
Humbling ☺

May you all fully receive abundant love, health and wealth of spirit today.

Peace, love & light,