Life’s a Journey

Tis the dawning of a new day… To say I’m thrilled to be working again is an understatement. It’s been 5 years since I was fired from 3 consecutive jobs in Victoria, BC which led me down a path of self-discovery and a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder. A few years went by where I wasn’t […]

This Is My Brave Now – A Guest Post by Kitt O’Malley

I fully relate to Kitt’s story…it feels as if she’s written mine. Blessings to you dear Kitt for your bravery ☺

Kitt O'Malley

Thank you, Jennifer Marshall for featuring my guest post on This is My Brave:
This Is My Brave Now – A Guest Post by Kitt O’Malley.

Secrets are more damaging than openly being yourself. - Kitt O'Malley -

This is My Brave as I write these words. This is My Brave as I blog about living with bipolar disorder. This is My Brave as I use social media to advocate for mental health. This is My Brave as I train to volunteer educating others about my experience living with mental illness. This Brave enables me to stand up and speak out against mental health stigma and discrimination. Fellow mental health advocates have emboldened me. Together we are braver than we are apart. This Brave connects me to others. This Brave breaks down walls I constructed to protect myself. This Brave breaks down walls others construct to protect themselves from their fear of mental illness and of those living with mental illness.


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Please Support “Bell Let’s Talk” Day

TWEET TWEET & Retweet using the hashtag #BellLetsTalk all day today and Bell will donate 5cents for every one towards mental health initiatives! So far today over 25 million texts! Over $14,000 raised ~ let’s break the bank people! #SickNotWeak

“Share our Facebook post of @howiemandel: & we’ll donate 5¢ more to Canadian mental health initiatives. #BellLetsTalk”


Peace, love & light,

Me & Her

My friend, family and now mentor…her second post regarding our mentor/relationship. I have no words only tears. Nicole.

Made In Vane

I saw her Beautiful face today – for the first time in about 7 years.

She was just like I remembered , only more so …
beautiful , spirited , talented & kind.

Over the years I have watched her perform on stage with such confidence , and every single time I was blown away by what she brought to the room. There was A time that I wished I could be just like her , I wanted to give the world the same kind of passion that she was giving. ( I secretly still want to be like her )

And now after 17 years – REUNITED ( ” and it feels so good” yes I’m referring to the song )

Julia is the first cousin of my ex husband ( Father of my only two amazing children )
I met her on the same day as I ”…

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CHUFFED!! Stats ☺

Since this article was written 30 hours ago & OM reblogged, my stats shot up – to 1607 all time views and 107 Followers, most views on a post 58 & counting…and all time high for views of the day 233 – Mindblown!!! GRATEFUL 💜 #feelinthelove #lovebacktoyou #awesomesauce


Over 1,200 Views and 67 Followers since I created my blog 11 days ago. #GRATEFUL #MOVED #DELIGHTED #MISTY-EYED #WIDESMILINGHEART

Abundant joy for all the sensational souls I’ve been introduced to and am engaging in loving, positive conversation with here on WordPress and for the visitors: my friends, family and the many new friendships made in Twitterland.

This IS my WHY for being here. Nothing else matters, bottom line.

You have bolstered my confidence, served greatly in the recovery process of my Mental Health…inspired deeper self-love, integrity, creativity and compassion.

A debt of gratitude to you all for your support and for sharing your magnificent spirit with me.

Peace, love & light,

PS Named after my Nan DeGruchy, her beloved called her Jewel which began a tradition for others that lasted her lifetime. I steal it from time to time…

PPS Massive Compliment ~ Opinionated Man reblogged this post on…

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With Julia in My Heart .

May I introduce you to Nicole Bond Winters, my twin soul if you will, and my new photography Mentor 💜 We are going to blog about the process of this Mentorship here on WordPress including the impact it has on one’s mental health, creative expression and nurturing that is.

Recently diagnosed with Bipolar II Disorder I’m presently on short-term Disability. There could not be a better way to aid in my recovery than to have this very talented, compassionate and loving woman take me under her gentle wing and show me how to fly…again.

The photos express the Nikon D90 she lovingly sent me in the mail today…her partner in love and crime, Nate Gates, is shown tending to it’s health.

I’m overwhelmed by their love.

Made In Vane

Dear Julia – Today I’m sending you A tool , something new for you to create with .

It’s full of golden love . I was going to post what this blog ” should be”- Instead I am going to give it a life of its own , let it grow and unfold, the way we have and will .


With light and wellness in mind.

This Cheeseburger has nothing to do with anything . It was just very very yummy & it happened today.
Be light.


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