Life’s a Journey

Tis the dawning of a new day… To say I’m thrilled to be working again is an understatement. It’s been 5 years since I was fired from 3 consecutive jobs in Victoria, BC which led me down a path of self-discovery and a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder. A few years went by where I wasn’t […]


I don’t got it
I wonder
I tumble over
I squirm in and out
Who’s to say what it means
I just don’t know
I fiddle
I faddle
I trip and stick and twaddle
I wanna go bye bye bye
Steer me through
The malaise of great misunderstanding
How to gently figure
Farther into the further depths
I often tickle ivory
Or mangle mud
Desire to make senses
Maybe this is all just
A pile of sh..
Humble the whirling flamingos
Into gentle submission
Softly now
Softly now

Delicate snowflakes, cover me
Enchant the muse who
Fickly eludes
Come, sit brightly singing
On my shoulder
Lullabies to soothe
The haunting within

Julia’s Flower

Dear Ann…your writing is magnificent. I’m so proud of you and honoured that you accepted my challenge to write about how you felt upon viewing my two images here. You inspired me in a way I needed to be in terms of my personal life. Deep gratitude for you. Peace, love & light, julia

Ann's Corner

The two images of a single flower you will find in this post come from Julia Manuel ( She challenged me to write about them them based on a comment (see below) I made on her post, regarding inspiration, so here goes, This one is for you, Julia!


My original comment: “The difference in the two pics is startling! The bright red one looks so healthy and cheery and the darker colour has it’s own beauty but yes, a sadness about it, a waning or something. You could write something about the opposing themes and how it is in life depending on the lens through which you are looking. They are the same flower in different aspects.”

Julia’s response: “Oh very cool, I like that! See? Now you sound inspired why don’t you write it and I’ll give you the photos for a post”

Elsewhere, in another blog, I…

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The photographer

In my humble opinion Sheldon has truly “captured” the beingness of photographer and subject. He set the whole scene and I’m there, that’s me.

Sheldon Kleeman

(Everyone around me is taking photos so I decided I was going to write about the process, I kept it as true as I could with as much information as I knew……… )


As I sat and watched

sitting against

the cool large rock

If felt good

as the noon day

sun rose hard

I couldn’t take

my eyes away

it was my last ………

I needed this one

A Jack rabbit stood

next to this old

wooden 5ft. high


Coming from the

ground of lost

I had been walking long

patience was my

only companion

The ground around the cross

was barren, unattended

nothing but good natural lite

There was something to this

nature in front, a rabbit

So curious, standing with

naked the cross

I took a breath

Slowly let it out

there, the rabbit

and the cross

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Me & Her

My friend, family and now mentor…her second post regarding our mentor/relationship. I have no words only tears. Nicole.

Made In Vane

I saw her Beautiful face today – for the first time in about 7 years.

She was just like I remembered , only more so …
beautiful , spirited , talented & kind.

Over the years I have watched her perform on stage with such confidence , and every single time I was blown away by what she brought to the room. There was A time that I wished I could be just like her , I wanted to give the world the same kind of passion that she was giving. ( I secretly still want to be like her )

And now after 17 years – REUNITED ( ” and it feels so good” yes I’m referring to the song )

Julia is the first cousin of my ex husband ( Father of my only two amazing children )
I met her on the same day as I ”…

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To Teacher, with Love

This gallery contains 4 photos.

Originally posted on smilecalm:
We need to be aware of the suffering, but retain our clarity, calmness and strength so we can help transform the situation. ~Thich Nhat Hanh thay-smiles, upon arrival at his root temple, Tue Hue, in VietNam, 2007 ~d nelson Breathing in a calm breath I pass on the news that on November…

Present Thrills

high from the first two puffs off of the day, my cigarette thrills, clamour for the high i don’ drink or drug no more. can’t. won’t. don’t. sure do miss it though. by times.


where has the time gone when spirit set free no longer held me down but lifted me up into the stratosphere of purity goodness i was one helluva good  addict. i’m a good person an’ i still was, i shared, rollin’ twenties sliding ’em on the tabletop mirror bar back of a toilet. hell stoopid so unsanitory stoopid. jonesin’ trumps hygiene every time.

~ Julia Manuel
November 2014

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